It's all about you

Our dental clinic is called Comfort Care for a very good reason: we provide you with both high-quality dental care and unfailing support, reassurance, and comfort.

In fact, our priorities are always your health and your comfort – and it is never one without the other!


First and foremost, we listen to you

Active listening – to your needs, your concerns, and your aspirations – underpins everything we do at our clinic. Each member of our team is a caring person who chose the dental profession precisely because it enables her or him to help others.

Listening carefully to our patients has taught us that dental anxiety can be due to a general fear of visiting a dental clinic or to unease about a specific procedure or even a piece of equipment.

Helping you reduce dental anxiety

The first step in dispelling this fear and restoring your peace of mind is to share. Tell us about whatever anxiety or fear you may feel with respect to dental care. Let us know what makes you uncomfortable, nervous or tense, and we will find a solution that allows you to feel calm and relaxed.


A broad range of solutions for you

If you experience mild unease, we can provide you with items such as ear plugs or sunglasses to block out certain irritants. Bringing your own headphones and listening to music is certainly possible for certain procedures!

Feel free to ask our dental hygienists and dentists about calming techniques such as breathing exercises to help you achieve greater calm and serenity.

By talking about your dental anxiety, we can decide together if sedation is called for. It is certainly an effective solution, especially since there are various levels of sedation to match the level of anxiety you may feel.

Let us know what makes you uncomfortable, and we will help you restore calm and comfort.

After all, we are here for you!

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