A tooth is basically made up of two parts: what you can see and what you can’t. The part that is visible beyond the gum line is the crown. What lies hidden, covered by the gums and bone, is the root.

When the crown of a tooth is severely damaged, it’s possible to restore the tooth function and look with a dental crown (also known as a tooth cap). Installing a dental crown is a restoration procedure that completely covers the outside of the tooth.

How dental crowns work

When it is installed, a dental crown covers a damaged tooth completely. It also helps to enhance its appearance since the dental crown is the right shape and it is correctly aligned with adjacent teeth.

Dental crowns are not only installed on teeth: they can also be placed to cap implants, providing them with a tooth-like shape and functional structure.

A number of materials may be used to create dental crowns. Porcelain or ceramic can be used to create crowns that match your natural teeth colour. At our clinic, we also offer dental crowns that are a combination of gold and metal alloys with porcelain, or zirconia with or without porcelain.

When do we recommend a dental crown?

Sometimes when we remove a large filling, there may not be enough tooth material left to put in a new filling – in such cases, a dental crown provides an ideal restoration solution.

Other instances where we would recommend dental crowns, include restoring a broken tooth or protecting a weak tooth from fracturing, covering discoloured or misshapen or poorly spaced teeth, covering a tooth following a root canal procedure, capping a dental implant, and attaching a dental bridge.

Ensuring long-lasting dental crowns

Dental crowns are designed to last a long time, but their longevity depends on healthy gums and practising good oral hygiene. Daily brushing and flossing along regular professional cleanings will help prevent their coming loose or falling out. To prevent damage to your new dental crown, it’s best to avoid chewing ice and hard, sticky foods like toffee.

Getting a dental crown in downtown Montreal

Comfort Care Dental Clinic delivers services that protect and restore your teeth to their optimal function – including dental crowns. Come meet our team of dedicated dental professionals at our clinic conveniently located in downtown Montreal at 2045 Stanley Street, Suite 1100 – very close to Peel metro station.