Most likely you have heard of teeth whitening and bleaching, but what about gum whitening? This procedure is known clinically as gum depigmentation, but it is also called gum bleaching, gum lightening, and gum whitening.

By undergoing this unique procedure, you can change or improve the natural colour of your gum tissues. Since pink gums are associated both with good oral health and a visually appealing smile, some patients – especially those with a high smile line – seek treatment for “dark gums.”

The end results give you gums that look perfectly healthy and have a natural coral colour across your entire smile.


What causes dark gums?

“Dark gums,” which is known as gingival hyper-pigmentation in our profession, is caused by melanin in the surface layer of gum tissue. Melanin is a natural pigment found in the body, and so “dark gums” can occur in people of all ethnic backgrounds, but is somewhat more common in people with darker skin. While the appearance of dark patches in the gums is natural, other factors may contribute to the condition, including smoking, illness, and certain medications.

How does gum bleaching work?

Laser gum bleaching,also known as laser gum depigmentation, is the treatment option we offer patients who want their pink gums restored. It’s a quick and painless cosmetic procedure that easily removes dark patches that can occur naturally on gum tissue.

First, we make sure your gums are healthy. If there are any signs of gum disease, we treat the infection first and postpone the bleaching procedure to a later date.

Before the bleaching treatment begins, we apply local anaesthesia to your gums. Then, by applying the laser carefully and evenly, we lighten the surface of your gums. The procedure is painless. We can complete the procedure in one or two hours, leaving your gums looking evenly pink and healthy.

You may feel some sensitivity following the procedure, which you can lessen with an over-the-counter painkiller. As in the case of many of our patients, you may be able to go back to work right after the procedure.

Long Lasting Results

The majority of gum bleaching treatments last a lifetime. You can use this treatment to permanently improve the appearance of dark gums and avoid using follow-up creams or gels.

Did you know?

Please know that extra pigment in your gums is not a sign of disease or dysfunction. In the vast majority of cases, dark gums occur naturally. Keep in mind, however, that there are contributing factors, such as smoking, side effects from certain medications, and even possible effects of amalgam fillings. We look into all of these possible causes when you come for your visit.

Looking for laser gum bleaching in downtown Montreal?

You can count on Comfort Care Dental Clinic for laser gum bleaching that restores the pink gums you need for your best smile. Come meet our team of dedicated dental professionals at our clinic conveniently located in downtown Montreal at 2045 Stanley Street, Suite 1100 – a few minutes away from Peel metro station.