In addition to regular cleanings, a biannual dental exam is a crucial part of preventive care and plays a critical role in maintaining good oral health.

At Comfort Care Dental Clinic, Dr. Miki Zlatanovski offers comprehensive dental exams using cutting-edge technology to set you up for oral health success.


How often should you go for a dental exam?

We recommend a dental exam every six months. Why? Because regular professional dental care is a very effective preventive measure that helps you keep your teeth, gums, and underlying bone healthy and your smile bright and beautiful.

The benefits of getting a dental exam twice a year

Keeping your dental tissues healthy and saving you money. Regular dental exams make it possible to prevent cavities from developing and enable early treatment whenever needed, which saves you time and money. Early cavity-prevention treatment, for example, includes the use of dental sealants, which can cost as little as one-tenth the price of a regular filling or 30 times less than a root canal. Regular dental exams are easy on your teeth and your pocketbook!

Detecting soft-tissue problems that can impact your health. Poor oral health is caused by chronic gum inflammation that can lead to multiple problems affecting the gums, including pockets, recessions, and infections. In addition, the bacteria present in the gums can spread to organs throughout the body. Infections can bring about more severe health issues, including diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, and other conditions.

A regular dental exam is an effective weapon against chronic gum inflammation. It allows us to detect gum-related issues and put together a treatment plan that prevents serious health problems from developing.

Detecting problems affecting joints, muscles, and teeth. Have you ever experienced clicking or popping sounds in your jaw without any accompanying pain? It’s a fairly common occurrence, but relatively few people see a dentist about it –precisely because they feel no pain. These sounds originate in the jaw joint and may signal malfunctions that can result in damage to tooth substance and ensuing pain. But rest assured, regular dental exams will detect any malfunction in the jaw joint and enable us to treat it before it turns into a problem.

What to expect during a routine dental exam

At Comfort Care Dental Clinic, we are attentive to your concerns and expectations. When you come for a dental check-up, we listen to your questions and answer them with care. We take what you say into account along with your general and dental history.

Depending on your specific situation, we take high-definition images, X-rays, measurements, and impressions of your teeth. We analyze our findings and share them with you. Whenever we detect issues, we develop a treatment plan that is right for you based on your preferences. If more time is needed to develop a treatment plan, we can schedule a follow-up session at your convenience.

“What is the price for a dental exam?”

Pricing for a dental exam varies depending on the scope of work and the types of equipment that are required to carry it out. Of course, we provide full details concerning the price for your dental exam so that you can make an informed decision.


Dental X-rays enable us to examine tooth substance in areas invisible to the naked eye, including between one tooth and the next, below the surface of the teeth, under gums or deep into the bones of the mouth. The use of dental X-rays provides ample information about:

  • Cavities between teeth and around fillings
  • Bone loss caused by gum disease
  • Abnormalities in teeth and bones
  • Impacted, non-erupted teeth and wisdom teeth
  • Dental X-rays
Dental X-rays

Please be assured that the use of dental X-rays is safe. We comply with the recommendations of the Canadian Dental Association by using equipment that emits radiation for diagnostic purposes. We upgrade whenever new digital equipment becomes available. When carrying out X-ray procedures, we always make sure to keep radiation exposure to a minimum.

Urgent dental exam

Some patients come to us with a pressing problem that needs to be evaluated and resolved quickly. We respect the urgency of the situation and set a time to establish a diagnosis and alleviate discomfort. We set a further appointment in the near future to continue treating the problem. This exam takes 10 to 20 minutes to perform and is priced on the basis of the tests and equipment we use.

Routine dental exam

This exam is performed as part of a 60-minute appointment and provides patients with a full report on their current dental health. It detects the need for treatment due to tooth decay, gum disease or fractures. The appointment includes a cleaning performed by a hygienist or dentist.

Comprehensive dental evaluation

Are you looking for a comprehensive evaluation to detect bite-related issues and determine how to improve your teeth’s appearance? This 90-minute exam is for you. It involves a full set of measurements, record values, and a duplication of records, physically and digitally. The dentist’s interpretation is provided in the same session or at a follow-up appointment, as required.

Oral Cancer Screening

During a dental exam, we look for signs of oral cancer, which may occur anywhere in the mouth. If detected early, it can be treated successfully – that is why oral cancer screening is a key part of our dental exam.

Looking for a dental exam in downtown Montreal?

Look no further than Comfort Care Dental Clinic for a thorough and complete dental exam and, if required, a personalized dental treatment plan that meets your specific needs. Come meet our team of dedicated dental professionals at our clinic, located in downtown Montreal at 2045 Stanley Street, Suite 1100 – just a two-minute walk from Peel metro station.