Laser bacterial decontamination is one more example of our commitment to using technology to foster your oral and general physical health. It involves the use of lasers in dental soft tissue to target and destroy bacteria that cause inflammation and periodontal disease at a microscopic level.

How is laser bacterial decontamination used?

The laser is administered into open space between tooth and gum in a sweeping motion, attacking and killing bacterial colonies that cannot otherwise be reached. Laser bacterial decontamination can be performed before any hygienic procedure. In this procedure, the laser does not cut any tissue or tooth. It is felt as a very light sweep of warmth or heat.

Other benefits of laser bacterial decontamination

While this innovative procedure is not designed to replace other therapies for treating periodontal disease and inflamed gums, it is an additional resource for promoting oral and general health. For instance, laser bacterial decontamination can:

  • Reduce or eliminate bacteria that if left unattended can produce bacteraemia in the bloodstream – a situation that can have serious negative general-health impacts.
  • Be an effective way of preventing infection from spreading to other areas in the mouth.
  • Kill bacteria associated with periodontal disease before there is an attachment loss to surrounding structures.
  • Boost your immune system by destroying dangerous bacteria in the mouth.

Did you know?

There is a scientific basis for using laser bacterial decontamination. A broad range of studies has shown that the procedure generates many positive effects, including reducing oral bacteria for periods lasting from 21 to 58 days.

Looking for laser dental treatment in downtown Montreal?

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