The clinic

In 1940, Dr. Wallace Walford opened the dental clinic in the Drummond Medical Building in downtown Montreal.

In 1985, after nearly five decades of practising dentistry, Dr. Wallie – as he was affectionately known to his patients – retired. His niece, Dr. Joanne Walford, took over the reins and continued to provide patients with the highest standards of dental care.


More services to meet your dental care needs

Throughout its 80-year history, the clinic has steadily grown both in the range of services it offers and the number of patients it attracts. To meet growing needs, Dr. Walford expanded the practice and introduced a new partner and owner, Dr. Miki Zlatanovski.

Together, Dr. Zlatanovski and Dr. Walford and their team have created a single unifying mission: To make a difference in their patients’ lives by integrating the highest-quality personalized dental care and comfort.

Hence, Comfort Care Dental Clinic – with its focus on both care and comfort – was born.

Today, our caring, friendly, very experienced and dedicated team is committed to working with you and your family to create a positive dental experience every time you visit our clinic.

The clinic